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When you visit a physical casino, it’s an awe-inspiring experience. The sights and sounds, all the tables and slot machines, it is exhilarating and exciting! It’s an experience that many people look forward to when visiting casino hot-spots such as Las Vegas.

However, when visiting an online casino, you may not think that it’s anything other than a regular website. Sure, it may have some fancy graphics, a few sounds, or some interesting video, but most websites have these today.

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While it may look simple on the surface, online casinos have a lot going on behind the scenes, and a lot of software in the background is doing its work to keep everything running smoothly. In this article, we will be looking at what kind of software is typically used by online casinos. You may be surprised by what it takes to make sure that the games keep running. Let’s have a look!

Online Casino Software: Two Sides of the Coin

When considering the software that makes online casinos function, there isn’t just one single answer. Online casinos require two very essential software aspects beyond the basic website: front-end software and back-end software.

Front-End – the Face of the Place

Front-end software, in basic terms, is what the customer sees and interacts with. It’s the face of the casino. This includes the user interface, and most importantly, the games themselves. A typical online casino will have one or more game software providers, which will develop the games for use by the online casino. From a customer-centric standpoint, choosing the right game developer is one of the most important decisions an online casino will make. If the games have glitches, crash, or just aren’t fun to play, the entire experience is ruined for the player. Obviously, this can have a devastating impact on the casino’s bottom line – if no one is playing, the casino is pretty much a goner.

When it comes to online casino games providers, there’s quite a lot to choose from. Some of the more well-established names are NetEnt and Microgaming. NetEnt primarily operates in US markets, while Microgaming mainly operates in the UK, and routinely offers a microgaming no deposit bonus on their online slot machines.

Even some mainstream game developers, such as Konami, are getting into the online casino market. The field of online casino gaming continues to grow at an exponential rate, with no signs of slowing down.

Back-End – Where the Business Happens

Back-end software, as the name may imply, is typically not seen by the casino patron at all, but it is just as important. While the front-end deals with the games, and the “shiny-bits” of the casino, the back-end software manages the business. Casinos have a lot of information to process and manage, from customer records to financial data, payouts, and everything in-between. And when the entire enterprise is online, it becomes even more important to process it instantly and securely. So back-end software is vital to the smooth operation of any online casino. Just as choosing the wrong game developer can hurt the casino, choosing the wrong back-end software can be disastrous if records are inaccurate or lost.

There are a number of online casino back-end software platforms available, just as there are with game developers. A casino should evaluate its precise needs, and compare those with what a particular software platform is offering.

As with the games software, there are some well-established names to consider, such as Slotegrator and SoftGamings. Many of these platforms offer fully-featured solutions to get an online casino platform up and running quickly.

Ready to Roll the Dice With an Online Casino?

Whether you’re looking to start an online casino yourself, or are simply curious about how they operate, we hope this information has been useful. Online entertainment continues to evolve, and online casinos are leading the way in many areas. With today’s technology, people can play together from across the globe and even win real money.

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Given the changing climate and current health and safety concerns, online casinos may be the future of responsible casino gaming. And they may very well be the safest way to play.

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