Bonus Hunters and their Impact

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Not long ago, many online casinos offered their players attractive bonuses without harsh wagering requirements. Players could get bonuses without any special efforts.

What online casinos suffered from bonus hunters the most

However, after suffering from so-called bonus hunters, online casinos introduced harsher policy regarding bonuses. This practice was introduced even by the largest and most luxurious casinos, as they suffered from bonus hunters the most. At our website you will find a list of these casinos and lots of relevant and useful information about casino games online. The only ones who was not affected by bonus hunters were swindler casinos that closed right after receiving money from naïve players.

History of bonus hunting

It’s considered that the first bonus hunters appeared in Denmark. A small group of player sunderstood that with simple wagering requirements they can benefit from bonuses. Players registered at online casinos, received bonuses, fulfilled wagering requirements and withdrew the money.

Bonus Hunters and their Impact

If the information about how to earn in bonuses had not spread so fast, those smart players could have earned money on such a way for a very long time. However, some of them blurted out the secret – and the wide public learnt how to get easy money from online casinos. Online casinos, in their turn, took measures.

Bonus hunters are still there

Today, bonus hunting still exists. However, its scope diminished. Moreover, not every online casino player can become a bonus hunter: you need to have a vast experience of gambling and deep knowledge of its aspects. Nowadays, bonus hunters are active not only at online casinos, but also at bookmaker offices and poker rooms.

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