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Nowadays, both online and offline casinos are offering their clients multiple gambling entertainments, including the game of blackjack. What is the secret of black jack popularity? What are its basic rules? This article addresses these important questions and more. Wide popularity enjoyed by blackjack online is little surprising: online blackjack features very simple rules, high pace, and easy-to-understand strategies. It must be said that earlier black jack was known under the name of ‘21.’

Best Canadian Casinos to Play Online Blackjack

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BlackJack Online Interesting Historical Facts About BlackJack and Its Key Success Secret

BlackJack is the most popular game after slot machines at all casinos. But what made BlackJack game so popular around the world? On this page I’ll tell you some of the interesting facts about BlackJack. Novice blackjack players would definitely love these facts.

BlackJack: Starting Up the Long Road

The blackjack story began long time ago at times when nothing special happened and there were a lot of cheating at casinos. Thanks to railroad people slowly started to get to know the world they are living in. At that time blackjack game wasn’t popular and people usually played it against each other rather than against casino.

Everyone knows casino game 21? That’s right, people played the game, casinos got players’ money and nobody ever thought what could possibly happen to this game in the future.

Everything changed when first powerful computers were created. With the help of computer, one smart and creative person made BlackJack the most lucrative casino game in the whole world!

Interesting Historical Facts About Black Jack

It turned out that in BlackJack players’ decisions have the most significant influence on whether casino player wins or loses. Meaning that BlackJack happened to be almost the only casino game that can be affected by player’s choices and success of casino player depends on his/her skills and the ability to implement those skills at a Black Jack table.

Casino owners got so afraid of this threat that started to force the smartest black jack players, who managed to leave with solid winnings, out of casinos. By that time BlackJack became so popular worldwide that casinos had to add more and more BlackJack tables to satisfy the player demands. Some of the casino players heard something about how easy it’s to win in Black Jack game and without getting into details or having necessary skills, lost their money.

Casinos were quick to understand that it would be profitable if players kept believing that winning casino in Black Jack game was easy. Therefore, casinos themselves started to promote BlackJack. Today up to 70% of all casino tables at major Las Vegas casinos are BlackJack tables. Playing at those tables, novice players lose their money and professionals have their names in casino’s black list after winning big. That means they aren’t allowed to visit casino. This is how casinos work: forcing professionals out and welcoming novice players.

Casino BlackJack. Five Major Mistakes When Playing BlackJack

All players make various kinds of mistakes playing any game available at online casinos. But if we are talking about black jack game, we can highlight 5 major mistakes which have the most unfavorable and dramatic effect on our black jack results.

Playing to Avoid Busting

This sounds strange, right? It seems that if we won’t take risk and won’t hit on 12 or stronger hands, we should lose less frequently. But actually you shouldn’t always play to avoid busting. This recommendation often confuses both novice and experienced online casino players, so don’t get disappointed if you too followed this rule before. Just stop doing that.

Why? If you try to avoid busting, you stop when you have cards which give you less than 50% chance of going bust. As a result, online black jack dealer wins more frequently. Online casino dealer should stand on soft 17 and if you stand having 14 or other weak hands, you won’t get any chance to win.

Not Using Doubling Down

Doubling down the bet in some cases is a rational decision and is the best way to win big. Novice online casino players usually prefer to stay away from doubling their bet because they are too careful. Some casinos online allow to double only in some particular situations. But if you think that the last card will bring you winnings (for instance you have 10 or 11 points) then double your beet and win more money.

Playing at Tables Where Dealer Stands on Soft 18

Definitely avoid online blackjack tables where casino dealer stands on soft 18! If online casino dealer has to stand on soft 17, it’s better for you because casino edge is by 0.02% lower than if blackjack dealer would stand on soft 18. 0.02% won’t give online casino player much benefit, but the secret of winning in blackjack game is to make house edge as small as possible.

Splitting Good Cards

Never split good cards. It’s a crazy decision! This common mistake doesn’t just lower your chances to win, but also makes you pay additional costs. Simple rule you need to start with is to never split pairs giving you 10 or 20 points. If you split these cards, you often go bust or you have to stand having weak hands. As a result, you lose and losing isn’t what online casino player needs.

Card Counting in Online BlackJack

The assumption that card counting can somehow help at online casinos is false. Of course, card counting at offline casinos can bring good money. But if you try to count cards at casinos online, you’ll definitely be disappointed. Have you ever heard of a random number generator which is used at online casinos? Do you know that when you play blackjack game at online casinos, cards are shuffled after every round? At online casinos counting or forecasting is useless.

Blackjack card

In online blackjack game, all cards have a certain value. All numeric cards are worth their face value. Face cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) are worth 10 points. Ace can be counted as either 1 point or 11 points. The decision is always made to the player’s favor. If the player counts Ace as 1 point, this is a soft hand. If the player chooses to have 11 points, this is a hard hand.

Black jack card

Blackjack goal

The major objective of any blackjack player is to beat the casino represented by the dealer. To do that, the player need to collect a score of 21. Sometimes, smaller scores (e.g., 20, 19 or even 18) are enough for the victory. Remember that your hand must not exceed 21 under any circumstances. If you go over 21 points, you “bust” and lose your entire bet.

If the player’s starting hand has a Ace plus a Ten, the situation is called “blackjack” or “natural.” This is the highest paid card combination in casino blackjack. It should be said that a black jack has an advantage over any other 21-point card combination.

Number of players in blackjack

In casino blackjack online, participants are competing against the dealer, and not each other. The maximum number of players is only limited by the number of places around the table (“boxes”). Most casinos online have a blackjack table with seven boxes.

How to play black jack

The dealer and the player are dealt two cards each. If your hand wins, you get 1 dollar. If you bust or the dealer wins, you lose 1 dollar. Furthermore, you may have a blackjack in your starting hand. Blackjack goes with 3:2 payout, i.e. you get 1.5 dollars. If the player and the dealer both have the same number of points, this is a draw. The player keeps their original bet.

How to play black jack

After taking a look at your starting hand, you know how many points you need to add to have a blackjack. Then you decide how to act. You can choose to take additional cards (“hit”) to come closer to 21. The game will go on until you decide to stop (“stand”). If you think that your hand is as close to 21 as possible, you can hit the Stop/Stand button.

Keep in mind that Ace is counted as 1 point or 11 points. This means that it may be OK to have a hand of 7 plus two Aces.

Once the round is over, the dealer deals themselves a new card. According to online blackjack rules, the dealer must take additional cards until they collect at least 17 points. Even if the dealer had a hand of 16, they must keep hitting.

Basic blackjack strategy and blackjack table

Many blackjack players are trying to reduce the possibility of busting. For example, if the player already has 12 points, they are scared of being dealt a Ten – which is little surprising because a Ten comes up most frequently. This is the reason why the player chooses to stand. However, this may not be a wise strategy long-term as it takes your winning chances down to 4%.

Let’s take a look at the online blackjack table for the basic blackjack strategy that shows how the player should act in certain situations.

Blackjack table for the basic blac jack strategy

Black jack table for the basic black jack strategy

S – Stand (stop);

D – Double your bet if allowed, otherwise hit;

Ds – Double your bet if allowed, otherwise stand;

P – Split a hand;

H/P – Split if double after split is allowed, otherwise hit;

H/R – Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit,

A – Ace (counts as 1 point or 11 points).

As you can see, the table covers every possible situation. The basic black jack strategy takes the house edge down to 0.5%, meaning that the casino online has a 50.25% chance to win, while you have a 49.75% chance to beat the house. This is even better than the roulette!

Basic black jack strategy and black jack table

For a better understanding, let’s take an example. Suppose, your starting hand includes a Ten and a Six. The dealer has a Ten (see Screenshot 1). Now check the table and find the spot where line 16 (Ten plus Six) crosses with column 10. The basic blackjack strategy tells us to surrender. In this case, you recover half of your original bet back.

As you can see from Screenshot 2, we did the right thing. The dealer had a blackjack! If you didn’t follow the strategy, you would lose your entire bet.

The basic blackjack strategy is crystal clear and be easily used by any gambler to play blackjack. By using this strategy, you can boost your winning chances and protect your bankroll from disappointing losses.

The Simplicity of BlackJack Game and How It Can Be Used To Your Advantage

Blackjack casino card game is played by players and a dealer. There are two ways casino players can win. First of all, online casino player can get additional cards in order to collect 21 points in total or have as close to this amount sum of points as possible without exceeding 21. There’s another opportunity to win. Having any sum of points (not exceeding 21), online casino player has the right to stand and hope for the opponent to bust due to getting more than 21 points.

The winner is determined based on these rules. Whoever gets more points without exceeding 21, wins. If one of the online black jack participants will hold cards giving more than 21 points in total, that participant loses. When first two cards are Ace and Ten, the combination is called a black jack.

The Simplicity of Black Jack Game

In most of the cases blackjack game rules state that online casino dealer has to get more cards until the amount of points is more than 16. This means that online casino dealer will hit to get 17 or more points. Thanks to this black jack rule, casino online player can hope for winning even if he/she doesn’t have quite strong combination, for instance 14 or 16 points. To try to win in this situation it’s enough just to stand and let online casino dealer play and hope for dealer to bust.

Online casino player with a blackjack combination wins automatically if dealer doesn’t have the same value cards. Push situation is also possible if online blackjack player and dealer have the same amount of points. In this case the bet is returned to casino player. Note that black jack combination wins even if the opponent has 21 points holding three or more cards. Card values in black jack game are the following: Ace gives 1 or 11 points. Face cards and tens give 10 points. The rest of the cards have the same value as their nominal values.

But BlackJack online is also interesting because of special rules which help to lower casino edge and sometimes make it considerably lower.

BlackJack Online. Rule of Seven Cards in BlackJack

Blackjack is known across the world as one of the most widespread, popular and interesting casino card games. It would be fair to mention that despite common assumption, casino blackjack is not just about luck (that’s true for other online casino games).

With time popularity of black jack became so high that online casino players created several ways to play black jack. The goal while playing black jack is always the same, but the rules can slightly change. Notice that some blackjack variations give the opportunity to get desired black jack combination only with first two cards, but there are, of course exceptions. Casino gamers play blackjack rounds only against dealers, but the order of opening cards can be different. In this article we’ll tell you about unusual “rule of seven cards”.

Rule of Seven Cards in Online Black Jack for novice player

What Rule of Seven Cards in BlackJack is About

According to this rule, if a player gets seven cards in a row without exceeding 21, he/she automatically becomes the winner, despite what cards holds dealer (except for dealer holding blackjack). Therefore, casino players’ chances to receive solid winning increase considerably. Rule of seven cards is implemented in case of six deck black jack game and when each deck has 52 cards.

While playing black jack, online casino customers can make various bets and choose features they want. Casino player always has the opportunity to buy blackjack insurance, double, split a pair and surrender (if rules of the variation of black jack you play allow). If you split a pair, in this case you need to place one more bet, its size should be equal to initial bet.

How To Use The Rule

To get the necessary amount of points (we are talking about not getting more than 21), casino players can’t split cards regardless of whether you have a pair or not. In this case you risk exceeding the limit. The rule of seven cards is the most effective when you have deuces and threes, but be aware that the possibility of player getting exactly these cards (even if blackjack is played using several decks) is very small.

To better understand this matter, let’s consider a real example. In case if casino player has soft 17 or 18, and dealer has high value cards, it’s better to stop. To make the rule of seven cards work, you need to additionally get low value cards – 6,2,3. The best-case scenario is getting 12 points with first cards. We would like to warn you that when you have hard 17, you should stop anyway.

The best option is to get 16 points or less with 6 cards, and the last card should be of value that altogether cards don’t give more than 21 points. But don’t forget about classic 21 points. If you couldn’t collect seven cards in blackjack, then try to get 21 points using any available tools in order to win casino online and get the prize.

10 Secrets Behind Successful BlackJack At Casino

In online gambling, professional tips and time-tested rules are half of success. The same is true for blackjack. Over the years, each gambler has developed their own methods and tricks. While some players rely on effective strategies for blackjack, others believe in the power of rituals and charms. We’ve made our own list with 10 key guidelines. We hope that you’ll find them useful.

1. Limits are everything

Choosing blackjack with high payout percentages is not enough. To avoid big losses, you need to stick to your pre-set betting limits. Say, you’re playing at blackjack with bet 25 cents, you’ll lose $18.75 an hour on the average. Now you’ve increased your bet. If you bet 2 dollars, you’ll lose $30 an hour. The difference is stunning, right?

Black Jack At Casinos

2. Forget about recouping your losses

There’s no denying that defeat is hard to take. Nonetheless, sometimes you just need to put up with the situation and go on living. If you try to recoup your losses immediately, you may make things even worse. It’s better to quit after losing a hundred bucks than end up losing two hundred.

3. Know when to stop

Maintaining self-control is half of success. Knowing when to stop is one of the key qualities of a good gambler. Once you see that you’ve lost too much, you must find the strengths to switch off your computer. Don’t let gambling take control over you. Remember that developing a gambling addiction is easier than you think.

4. Don’t believe rogues

“Winning” betting systems with 100% success are nothing more than a pathetic attempt to rip off naïve gamblers. The random number generator creates totally random combinations. There is no such strategy that would predict the next paying combination and secure higher winnings. Don’t share your hard-earned money with rogues!

blackjack casino insurance

5. Alcohol and gambling are incompatible

Alcohol is the main enemy of all gamblers. It makes you careless and inattentive, pushing you to spend your last money on too risky bets. Refusing to drink while gambling is a responsible decision of a grown-up person. This is a sure way to avoid thoughtless stakes and disappointing losses that follow. Celebrating your win afterwards with a glass of wine is a much better idea!

6. Pick casino with small jackpots

There is a good reason why you should choose modest jackpots over huge seven-digit payouts. You chances to hit a smaller money prize are much higher! It’s way better than wasting several thousands of dollars chasing a huge jackpot that may never go off!

7. Don’t ignore bonuses

Casino bonuses are one of the best things online gambling has to offer. Bonuses come in all forms and sizes so that any player can choose a bonus they like. It’s an additional opportunity to lock in more profits and enjoy blackjack longer. Be sure to stay updated on promotional offers and bonus programs posted on gaming platforms.

8. Read wagering requirements

Online casinos attract gamblers with sweet promises of fantastic wins. However, nothing is free in the gambling industry. Be careful with bonuses, especially large ones. Any big bonus may come up with tough wagering requirements. You may end up spending much more than you’ve been given as a bonus. Before accepting a bonus, take ample time to read the wagering requirements to decide whether it’s worth your while.

gamble at black jack

9. Don’t gamble at blackjack too long

It’s not uncommon that a person dedicates all their free time to gambling. They ignore their family responsibilities, job, and friends. This is a dangerous practice. First, you run a risk of becoming an addict. Second, you may lose interest in gambling too soon. Be sure to limit the time spent on gaming websites.

10. Follow money management rules

Financial discipline is an important part of being a successful gambler. Before sitting down to play at blackjack, you need to figure out how much you can afford to spend. Once you’ve reached your stop loss, you must quit the game. Furthermore, be sure to gamble on your spare money rather than your family budget. Avoid playing on borrowed money.