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Enter the words “online casino” into the search bar of any search engine – and you’ll see how many online casinos are out there. Not all of them run their business honestly, though. Many of them even lack a reliable license. These casinos will play good in front of beginning players as long as they make deposits and keep losing. Once you won more than you’re allowed, you are in deep trouble.

This article will be useful for all novice players. I hope that these tips will help them avoid such problems as inability to withdraw winnings, blocked account, and others.

The first thing you should remember is that search engines (Google, Yandex) are your best friends that can really save your money. Amount of casino victims could be much fewer, if players read information on the casino on the Internet before making a deposit. Don’t enter just the name of the casino. You will be given only links to affiliate websites that promote the casino in exchange for a percent of their profits. You should enter “online casino problems” or “ problems”. This will take you a couple of minutes and save you loads of money.

Secondly, study the casino website carefully. In fact, this is the casino interior design you’re looking at. It can cause different feelings: you may either like and want to play or you may want to leave as soon as possible. I think that the casinos that don’t care much about their reputation, prefer more simple (and sometimes cheaper) design.

If you’re one of those “grammar nazis”, estimate the website’s content. If articles have mistakes in them or are meant exclusively for search engines (lots of key words, lack of sense and useful information), you should think twice before playing at this casino.

  • information about the software manufacturer;
  • information about the license;
  • information about the company (name of the owner, legal address);
  • contact information (email, phone, online chat);

Many casinos tend to place on their websites various awards that they were bestowed with. You should check if the awards are not fake.

Thirdly, before starting to play, read the casino rules and wagering requirements VERY CAREFULLY. Many dishonest casinos try to trick players by adding special clauses to the rules which are impossible to implement. Or rules may contradict. You should contact the user support and get more details. If this is just a mistake, the administration will correct it and apologizes to you. If your question is ignored, leave this casino. Reputable casinos have clear rules without any vague wordings. Over 80% of problems are due to the fact that the player didn’t understand confusing and complicated rules or didn’t read them at all.

Tip Four. Don’t be enticed with offers that seem too good to be true. Frequently casinos offer incredibly large bonuses in exchange for a small deposit. In most cases, this means that you will have to wait very long before you can withdraw your winnings after having cleared your bonus. Or you can be told that you broke some non-existing clause in the Terms and deprived of all your winnings.

Tip Five. Test the user support by asking them some basic questions about their license, software, bonuses, etc. A reputable casino will give you almost immediate and clear answers. I prefer talking with user support via email or online chat rather that via phone. It’d better if your conversation is documented (‘cause you never know).

All these “check-ups” will take a hour of your time tops. At the same time they will save your money and valuable time that you could waste on sorting out problems with the casino. Knowledge is power, as you know. Good luck!

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